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​​​​​​​Yahutula Medical is a private Hospitals/Clinics (Nonprofit healthcare facilities) located at Ibadan, Oyo State and Owo, Ondo State of Nigeria. This is a project that will address a global health problem in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These 2 Clinics are located in urban and rural areas in the 2 states of Nigeria “Oyo and Ondo”.  Our Board of Directors consists of fully Licensed Medical Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientist & Chemical Pathologist and medical personnel team. They  currently  render basic primary healthcare needs , including HIV/Aids Care , Women/Maternal and Child Health .illnesses such as Malaria, Antenatal care, Respiratory infections, Chronic diseases, skin infections and  Diarrhea. These services are rendering to local surrounding low-income communities within Nigeria,

The buildings facilities as per pictures listed on our website:  are designed to offer outpatient care  and clinic services, Our facilities  currently have  40 beds  as well as operating  rooms  for  basic surgeries operations.

The number of patient projected to be serviced will range from 10,000 - 50,000 per year of which 80% of them will be from the lower income segments.  .

Yahutula Medical provide basic health care needs and life-saving medications in order to enable poor men, women and children to have better health outcomes, and  thus go on to lead productive and healthful lives, We strongly believe that healthy, educated, and empowered men and women raise healthy, educated, and confident daughters and sons. We believe that by empowering women to overcome the effects of poverty and poor health, they can and will live full and productive lives – and so will their children, families, and communities.

Each Clinic will be staff with the following:  Three doctors, two midwives, Seven Nurses, Two working in the laboratory and pharmacy. In addition to the medical personnel Yahutula Medical will employ the services of someone for the administrator and pediatrician, external specialists that will make periodic visits to ensure proper healthcare services operations at the Clinic

Yahutula Medical Ltd and Christ Channel are registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria , as per attached registration certificates, also Christ Channel Network`s IRS Letter of determination  501 (c ) (3 ) nonprofit status  as a public charity in United States since 2002; EIN # 73-1648897  is also attached for your verification. (Yahutula Medical in Nigeria is a healthcare project of Christ Channel Network in USA).

Our vision is based on the fundamental primary believe that a consistent, sustained partnership is the most effective, efficient and impactful in improving the health status of a population. The challenges of Nigeria`s  Healthcare system can be minimized through Christ Channel Network partnership with Medshare, Advocates for World Health and other United States medical charity organizations.

On behalf of Christ Channel Network , a US based 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit  organization in United States, the  Board of Directors and staff of Yahutula Medical Ltd  and all the men, women  and children that we serve. I am submitting this letter of inquiry and to introduce ourselves to your foundation on our global health project which is related to a stated program strategy or interest area of your foundation. This letter of Inquiry is to   request your grant support of any amount towards our budget of $25,000. Your grant of any amount will enable us to ship from United States to these 2 Nigeria new Clinics medical equipment and medical supplies to begin full operations of providing healthcare services at these 2 new medical facilities beginning from this year 2016. I see a strategic fit between Yahutula Medical in Nigeria and your foundation`s ongoing global healthcare work.

Our budget amount of $25,000 will offset ocean freight shipping cost, a standard shipping fee, USA door –to-Lagos port of delivery of a 40ft container of medical equipment and medical supplies from USA to Yahutula Clinics in Nigeria.  These donated equipment and supplies to us in USA is conservatively estimated at US$175,000 in medical materials to be ship to the Nigeria Clinics. Yahutula Medical Doctors and Pharmacists are readily available to work with NAFDAQ for custom clearing of all donated medical products and medical supplies ship to Nigeria from USA.

Your donation or grants to Yahutula Medical Clinics will make a difference in the lives of men, women and children because Nigeria still remain a country with very high maternal and infant morbidity and mortality, hospital bill is still paid by individuals with virtually no credit or insurance facilities. Government hospitals remain the only hope of many people. These facilities are not only insufficient; they are often unavailable due to industrial dispute between workers and their employers leaving the suffering masses at the mercy of few private hospitals. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with over 170 million inhabitants. Health indicators are poor, with a million children under five dying every year. Thirty-five percent of these children die due to causes attributable to lack of good health care, which makes Nigeria one of the six countries that account for half of all child deaths worldwide.

Health care is expensive in Nigeria due to lack of health insurance and huge capital needed by individuals in establishing good medical practice. Yahutula Medical project will increase the number of beneficiaries and improve quality of health in Nigeria in the West Africa region. Nigeria’s health infrastructure is capable of responding to acute emergencies. This became evident in 2014, when the first case of Ebola entered the country from Liberia. Nigeria used an existing surveillance system for polio to trace all people who had come in contact with the people infected with Ebola, stopping the outbreak. While the country’s HIV epidemic appears to have stabilized at about 4 percent prevalence after a quick climb in the 1990s, the country still faces other enormous health challenges, malaria being one of the biggest.  Nigeria accounts for 40 percent of estimated malaria deaths globally. The country also ranks fifth among the world’s 22 high TB-burden countries. Given these challenges, Nigeria needs more investment in health from domestic international sources. Many women and children living in Nigeria are disproportionately affected by poverty and other threats to their health and well-being.  The current drop in oil prices poses stark challenges to poor Nigerian Women and Children who may have to face more tough health care choices. Your donation or grants  is an investment  in  Nigeria`s women and children health that will lead  to saves millions of lives and yields significant returns potentially up to nine times the value of  your initial investment through us.

Yahutula medical building facilities are donations from the Founder/President/CEO of Christ Channel Network. These facilities are classified as freehold asset of this medical project in Nigeria.

I would welcome the opportunity to provide further details about our board of directors with their certification as qualified and licensed medical practitioners in Nigeria. The board of directors of Yahutula Medical Ltd is listed on our website .

We would love to host your foundation representative on a site visit at our Nigeria program sites. If you need any additional information or have any questions, please contact me at:
1 (310) 292-1147 (or)
Dr. Emmanuel Adetula
Christ Channel Network, Inc. &Yahutula Medical Ltd.

All Donation Partners will receive donation receipts and reports for all cash or products donation made to Christ Channel Network, Inc. for IRS  records and  for tax deductible purposes. All Checks  made payable to Christ Channel Network, Inc. 

Dr. Emmanuel Adetula

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