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Location:TULALUM HOUSE Ibadan-Nigeria

Challenge to Iwo Road, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway before Olomi Academy Overhead Bridge near OKY Petrol Station

Tel:08143708892Whatsapp:08172609694  E-mail: yahumedical@gmail.com 

​​Name of Organization: CHRIST CHANNEL NETWORK, INC.  
USA Office  Address: 1354 W 84th Place, Los Angeles, CA. 90044 USA
Telephone Number:  1-(310) 292-1147    
Fax Number:  (323) 455-1845
Federal Identification Number:73-1648897
DUNS Number: 146483040
Established and Incorporated in the State of California: July 11, 2002
First Exemption Letter issued date: December 20, 2002
Public Support Charity status : 501 ( c ) (3) status - Section 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi) remains in effect and Active with IRS
Doing business as:  CCN HOUSE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY :Providing low income housing to individuals and families , Helping the poor and the needy through Gifts and Donations of products and responding in time of emergency to victims of natural or man-made disasters or epidemic with relief supplies, shelter, food & Clothing
Doing business as: YAHUTULA MEDICAL: Operating YAHUTULA HOSPITAL  Healthcare services and Supporting/ Supplying Hospitals and Clinics with Medical Equipment and Supplies .
Doing business as: YAHUTULA CENTER:  Reaching the world communities with Evangelism, Gospel Ministries through Publication and Broadcast Media and Helping the poor and the needy in world communities through Gifts and Donations of products.
Mission:We serve all people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or creed. We never proselytize or require a profession of faith in exchange for services. Tax returns on file with IRS 2005 to 2021
Dr. Emmanuel Adetula M.Div. DSW  (