CCN House started with 32 Units Single Room Occupancy in 2002 at 1930 S. Oxford Ave, Los Angeles, CA. added 19 units at Hooper Ave Los Angeles, CA. in 2004, increased our housing project with additional 21 Units at 5th Ave Los Angeles, CA.  in 2006. CCN House with over a decade in Homeless shelter and low income housing management continues to provide housing to Individuals and Families at 10 different locations in the County of Los Angeles, California. 

Yahutula Medical

A project that address  global health problem  
Our work has established the necessary local community partnership  to focus on needs of the people by serving the people to deliver healthcare services

Christ Channel Network /CCN  Establishing and Management of Hospital/Clinics,

CCN Radio/TV Stations and Low Income Housing 

Contact Office:  1354 W 84th Place, Los Angeles, CA. 90044   USA  1 (310) 292-1147