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Christ Channel Network doing business as YAHUTULA MEDICAL operating YAHUTULA HOSPITAL & PHARMACY  providing  Free healthcare services and Supporting/ Supplying Hospitals and Clinics with Medical Equipment and Supplies around the world.

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Doctors: Experience to diagnose, prescribe, and Handle cases.
Pharmacist: Dispense drugs within the hospital , Manage Yahutula Pharmacy and Stores
Registered Nurse/Midwife: dedicated to the management of children’s health, mental health , act as ward supervisor  in charge of budget and handle cases involving pregnancy and children, specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of  men, women and children . Experience to diagnose, prescribe, and Handle cases during Doctor`s absence. Ability to use psychological approach to bring out improvement in patients who otherwise were unresponsive. Must fill the role of a counselor and assist before, during and after child delivery. Operations of the Antenatal Clinic and operations of the Ultrasound machine.
Ultrasound Operator / Medical Laboratory Assistance: Support medical laboratory scientist and experience in operating Ultrasound machine
Staff Nurses: Assist doctors in managing the health of patients. Participate in various functions within the hospital
Auxiliary Nurses /Nurse Assistants: Assist nurses in their day-to-day activities. Provide care to patients under the supervision of a nurse or doctor
Part –Time Dentist: On call to Treats and manage tooth conditions
Part-time Ophthalmologist: On-call  doctor to diagnose, treat, and do eye surgery, carry out various test methods and prescribe corrected eye glasses
Part-time Orthopedist Technician:  On-Call to fix fractures and bones using most of the time Plaster Of Paris (P.O.P). Treat muscle bone, heart circulation, and lungs that may occur due to accident.
Dr. Emmanuel Adetula

 Managing Director
Yahutula Medical Ltd
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