Christ Channel Network doing business as CCN HOUSE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY in Los Angeles County California since 2002 Providing low-income housing to individuals and families, Helping the poor and the needy through Gifts and Donations of products, and responding in times of emergency to victims of natural or man-made disasters or epidemics with relief supplies, shelter, food & Clothing.

Project Contact:

Emmanuel Adetula


Christ Channel Network, Inc. 

1354 W 84th Place

Los Angeles, CA. 90044

USA Phone: 1(323) 901-8145

Nigeria Phone: 08172609694

Fax: 1(323) 455-1845



HAPPY 2024

TULATAX Kick off Housing in High Gear

From all of us at CCN HOUSE Community Development Agency we would like to take a moment to wish you a prosperous and glorious year 2024 filled with business growth and personal accomplishments.

This is not just another New Year`s wish, it`s our commitment to you, to go the extra miles and make your journey a successful one!

AS the  Real Estate and Housing  industry gears up for another year  we are excited to:

Deliver unmatched customer service in low income housing to individuals and Families