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Christ Channel Network Vision/What we believe.


Christ Channel Network is registered as a Nonprofit/NGO , though our name "Christ Channel " reveals as a  Christian organization but we serve all  people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or creed. We never proselytize or require a profession of faith in exchange for services. 
We live in a broken world of injustice, oppression, disease, and conflict. In impoverished communities around the globe, millions of children are suffering every day from the effects of dirty water, malnutrition, hunger, and despair–children that are waiting to be rescued. In our modern times it's hard to believe that so many people suffer from chronic hunger and malnutrition. In the United States it is typical for most families to spend 15-20% of their annual income on food. However, in developing countries this number jumps to 80-90%! with the cost of food skyrocketing in recent years the number of people suffering is growing. Most of the victims of this devastating problem are malnourished children, too weak to fight off common diseases.
We believe that all children have the right to learn and grow in a safe place, free of fear and danger. We believe in the potential of Africa and its people. We believe it is the responsibility of everyone to help meet the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children and we believe in developing new and innovative ways to help them succeed. We believe in education, in exploration and in speaking up for those without a voice. We believe in being warriors of peace and architects of stability. We believe in creating a world with no victims, no perpetrators and most importantly, no bystanders.
It is estimated that every five seconds another child dies from hunger-related diseases. These deaths occur quietly in dusty villages in some parts of Africa, the slums of Honduras and the Highlands of Peru. Filling Stomachs of children can be seen in children’s health and their academic performance. This tendency to move around, along with poverty and high malnutrition, has had a very negative impact on school enrollment in   some parts of the world. 1 in 5 children under the age of five is underweight in developing countries. 1.8 million People die every year due to water-related illnesses. Ninety percent of these are children under the age of five. 1 out of every 13 children in the developing world is an orphan.
Christ Channel Network projects and programs coordinates administrators, parents and community leaders to take ownership of our programs on a long-term strategy to keep it alive so that they may deliver hope to suffering children and families in their communities.

Some people in the world live on less than $1.25 (USD) a day. Most lack access to one or more basic human needs: healthcare, sufficient food, safe drinking water, or adequate shelter. Combating poverty and food insecurity demands more than simple charity. We need your help in cash and in kind donation to keep our programs and projects alive both in United States and in Africa. Make a donation today. Christ Channel is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in USA and as an NGO in Nigeria Our healthcare services is incorporated as YAHUTULA MEDICAL LTD in Nigeria. Certificates of registration can be view/print out from this website with a copy of IRS letter of determination "Proof" as a 501 (c ) (3 ) nonprofit organization in United States. We have consistently reported and filed our returns to US Internal Revenue Service since 2002 to-date. MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY .
Christ Channel Network /CCN is a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) nonprofit organization in United States established in 2002 
All donations to CCN  are tax deductible.

BUDGET: TOTAL   AMOUNT = $50,000  for the following: 
The cost of transmission and studio equipment (FM Radio Transmitter, Antenna, Coaxial Cable, Power Supply, Audio Equipment and Accessories, Computers, Receiver, Transmission lines, Audio Processor, Connectors, Interface panel remote control, Cables, Equipment Rack, Power Protection equipment, UPS, Microphone, Silent Microphone boom arms, CD players, Mixer, Amplifiers, Monitor Speakers, Speaker Mounts, Computer automation software, Rack Mount, Power Protection Units) for the following items:
Obtain a license from the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC).
Broadcast Tower
Audio processor
 Broadcast console.
Studio Light Equipment
Standing Microphones
Jack Panels with cords
Turntable arms
Non-linear editing system
Stereo turntable preamps
Audio limiters
6-inch equipment rack
Stereo turntable Cartridges
 CD players
 Ground strap and components
 Microphones with booms
Studio Air conditioners
Standby Generators
Solar Electricity generators system
Monitor Amplifiers
Audio Network Routers
 Flash Card Recorder
The total fee for registering the business in the Nigeria
The amount required for obtaining licenses (frequency license)

and permits as well as accounting services (software,

P.O.S machines and other software) 
Marketing promotion expenses for the

grand opening of the radio station
Flyer printing (10,000 flyers and billboards
The cost for insurance (general liability, workers’

compensation and property casualty) coverage at a total premium
Other start-up expenses including stationery, phone and utility deposits
The operational cost for the first 3 months (salaries of employees,
Newscasters and on-air personalities
One DJ,
Script manager
Security men
Production manager
Account/Admin Officer
The cost for start-up inventory (CDs supply, notice board, printing papers,

printing ink/cartridges, pen and stencil et al)
The cost for cash register, security, ventilation, signage.
The cost for the purchase of  gadgets (telephone, printing machines,

computers, tables and chairs, book/CD shelves, cabins, standard library, photocopier, fax machine, amongst others)
The cost for building and hosting a website
The cost for opening party involving all local stake holders, government officials and community leaders, school and religious leaders etc.
Miscellaneous Expenses